Never ever have babies.

I don’t mean getting pregnant and giving birth. Don’t have them around. Don’t be in the same house. Don’t acquaint yourself with babies, don’t even look at them.

Babies take time. They take it with their dimpled hands. They demand attention with screams and with giggles. From a distance their gentle sighs waft through walls and turn your face from your work to that playful longing.

Peek-a-boo! You’ve got stuff to do.



This comes courtesy of a writing prompt based on our biggest sources of procrastination. Mine is my 9-month-old twin niece and nephew that I live with. They’re a blackhole of time and intentions. I could be dying and forget to finish doing so because I want to make the twins laugh one more time or because one of them always screams and cries when I leave. Then like that the day is gone. I don’t think it could be better spent. 


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