1 Year Later

I remembered I have a blog, because someone asked for a link of writing samples.

That’s when I gathered the websites links for all the news articles I’ve written since the dawn of time. Or close to it. Those don’t have typos like I know this blog has. If anyone is willing to edit my blog for me, let me know. I can pay you in credit, praise, and a warm fuzzy feeling. There’s an added interest rate of bragging rights.

I had to “audition” with a spur of the moment 150-word introduction for a top ten list. I thought I would post up here and discovered that is has been exactly 1 year since my last post. I don’t even remember writing it. Someday I’ll be compelled to use this thing.

I was undiagnosed, but treatments for spinal subluxation did help tremendously. I’m now on the hunt for a neurologist. I tried pressing my primary doctor for a recommendation, but he just assured me they’re all wacky so I’m on my own. I returned full time to school! I have two more semesters under my belt. I was not only able to return to campus, but I also got 4.0s and a near 4.0 (which I thought I was for sure going to fail completely)! It’s been exhausting. I’m doing better in school sick than I ever did at full health. Go figure. One of those semesters was a whole month in Italy. Crowning moment of the year. Did you know Michelangelo wrote sonnets?

IMG_3621 (2)

Pure. Joy.


I’m now an English: Creative Writing major with an Art History minor. I love it enough to be content with an uncertain future.

Most of my writings are in pen and paper. The rest are word documents.

Because the “audition” is still being processed, I’ll give you the rough draft:

Ten little music heads went out to dine; One stood on his seat to shazam the song, and then there were Nine.

Nine little music heads sat up very late; One had homework and then there were Eight.

Eight little music heads traveling to an underground band; One changed the station and then there were Seven.

Seven little music heads chopping up sticks; One caught the drummer’s and then there were Six.

Six little music heads playing with a Jive; A earphone was broken and then there were Five.

Five golden rings.


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