Funny story. I came onto here to delete my blog, but then I noticed I had a lot of traffic and a lot of new followers. What? Why? Who are you and why are you reading this? No, really. Do tell.

So here’s the update/excuse why I haven’t been updating this blog:

I have cervical subluxtion. What that means is that my spin is so out of place, it’s twisting up the rest of my body. Oh, and it’s also crushing my brain stem. The treatment is painless but takes a lot of time. It took a year and a half to diagnose, so I’m not complaining. At least we have something.

So, with this time I have written a novel. Yeeeeaaaaah. It still feels strange to say. I’m in the editing process now, so cross your fingers and wish me luck! I’m taking on little bits of responsibility at a time. I’m taking a couple classes and I’ve been the HOBY Alumni Advisor (more like monarch) for the past couple of years. One of my brother’s got married, which leaves me the last single sibling. I’m perfectly okay with that. I taught a class for about 6 months. I lived in Serbia. I went to Croatia and Bosnia, and fell in love with that entire region. Last but not least, I somehow find myself signed up to write and record an album all in the month of February.

I’ve been reading, watching, and listening as much as I can. I know I won’t have this Haidas forever. I’ve kept up a separate blog, raced a turtle and a newborn to see which was faster, created a picture of Jean-Luc Pickard out of condiments, learned two new languages (Zdravo! Bok! Kako ste?), went to a leadership conference in Houston which involved actually leaving the house, and I’ve been learning how to breathe and walk again.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, then I’m sorry. I’m sorry I abandoned my silent blog and had the must exciting, yet uneventful, two years of my life. Can we hug it out?


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