Writings: Black To Gold

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because there is something in my mind trying to get out. I’m not an avid poet, but for some reason these things plague my mind and pester me until I get them down and out on paper. Sometimes they bug even after that, asking to be shared. I’ve thought about quieting them, but I’d have to figure out how they’re talking first. It’s not natural for ideas to talk.

This one has been dancing around for weeks. Finally, one night, everything just clicked together. I wrote it down, looked at it the next morning and added what needed to be added.


When our black turns to gold,

As fire sparkles the sky,

The night becomes light.

When our black changes into gold,

Will you remember me?

How you would hold me,

and I would fly?

How you could scare off the demons,

And hide the ones inside?

When our black changes into gold,

Your my hero,

And through all this time,

You’re always mine hero.

When our black changes into gold,

If Midas smiles down on our misfortune,

Or Hades sweeps us away,

You can bet I couldn’t do it without you.

I love you anyways,

I love you just the same.

The pain can wait,

Cause I need you to make it better.

And that’s it. For now.

If you’re not familiar with American military traditions, let me explain. When someone is deployed or goes “over seas” to serve their military branch, their family gets a flag to hang in their window. One star means one serviceman, two stars mean two service men, etc. These stars are black. However, when a solider dies while in service, the family gets a new flag. This time flag replaces a black star with a gold star.

I remember being a little girl and having one of these hanging in our window. My grandmas’ neighbor had a fag with two stars. One day, while driving by I noticed one of the stars was now gold. I’m happy to say my star is still black. I am very thankful for our service men and women.


Read it: The Christmas Carol

I’m a nerd. Specifically, a book and music nerd. And art. And photography. And history. And even a science. Mostly books and music. And art. And… never mind.
Anyways, this is just an open invitation to join me in reading The Christmas Carol. I’ll be reading it and taking notes. Please join me in this holiday delight. I’ll also be taking notes and highlighting quotes. I would love to hear what you have to say! I really really do!
So pour yourself a warm steamy cup of tea or hot chocolate. Snuggle in with your comfy blanket. Grab your kindle or you book and read in the glow of the holiday lights.
See you in a couple weeks,
P.S. I got my kindle copy for free from amazon.
P.P.S. If you just want to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol and share your thoughts on based on that, I will accept it. Any thoughts are welcome here!

Why You Should Go Caroling

I love Christmas. I love saying “Merry Christmas” to others. This isn’t another one of those posts about “Merry Christmas” vs “Happy Holidays.”

It’s only about “Merry Christmas.” Thanks for the Happy Thanksgivinkkuhs.

My mom’s birthday was last week (Happy 50th, you whippersnapper!) so we saw The Christmas Carol at the local Hale Center Theater. I have never been so touched by this story before. So many golden nuggets! But that’s a different post as well.

Aside from the performance by actors, the music was the most powerful christmas music my ears have ever heard. And I listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! The music itself was not unique, it was just Christmas carols. The singers were nothing extraordinary (although they were very talented, don’t get me wrong.) But when they sang, they SANG! It reminded me the original purpose for singing. To express in a way mere words cannot. I cried. Shamelessly. I will never hear those carols the same way ever. Ever!

So that ignited the Christmas Spirit inside me. I wanted to share that experience with everyone! The downside of live theater. I understand now why people practically whisper when they ask if you’ve ever seen that particular performance. It’s special. What is your favorite version of that story? Muppets? Patrick Stewart? Jim Carrey? Nicholson? The book?

My mom is a big fan of those seek-and-find adventure games. She’s also the biggest fan of Christmas I have ever met. So, it’s fitting she has a christmas carol seek-and-find. In this particular game, you have to find things people are missing and return it to them. I didn’t want to give a caroler his hat because he was singing and I was enjoying it. Again, nothing special. Just two voices (a man and a woman) singing silent night. That’s all. It’s just a silly little video game! Da li ražumeš?

This year the big deal is “Sing-Ins”. That’s great and all, you get the enjoyment of caroling. But I think you miss the point. The point of caroling is to share the spirit of the holidays. What would happen if we still caroled, door to door? How many more lonely or alienated souls would feel something more special.

So they’re songs about Christ. How is that offensive? I could talk about the war between “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” but I won’t. I don’t need to. The spirit of Christ is the spirit of love and peace. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love and peace. The spirit of caroling is sharing and spreading that love and peace, to neighbors we don’t know. Because during the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Years (excluding Black Friday), we are all friends and neighbors. 

Imagine this. How would you feel? You are thinking of all the things you have to do. The house that needs cleaning. Finals that need acing. Friends that need socializing. Work that needs to be done. How on earth will you get all this done? Then you hear a knock at the door. “Who knocks?” You open it. 9 strangers, some you might recognize as your next door neighbor or the crazy neighborhood driver. They start singing to you. No introduction. No hello. Just singing in harmony. For a moment, time stops. Your worries leave your mind. Perhaps it’s confusion over why people would trek through the cold to sing. Don’t they know it’s bad for their voices? Then just like that, they wish you a merry Christmas and leave. You go back to whatever you were doing.

2 minutes of suspended reality.

What’s a better gift than that?

Merry Christmas.