The Most Unlikely of Friends From the Most Unlikely of Habits: Update

Remember these fun stories?

Remember how I was gone for a while?

Well guess what happened!


My dearest partner in crime and Roommate Cousin done gone and got herself hitched. Crazy, huh? She did it on my birthday! Happy birthday for me! And who was the lucky man to sweep her off her feet for all time and eternity? That same man she met from our pranking escapade.Liz Scott

Wouldn’t it be nice if all battles, fights, wars, and feuds ended this way?

P.S. I was just down the canyon and down the street from their reception, but I was in a training center and had been for a month. I had about a month left too.

P.P.S. I realize this happened almost half a year ago, but I thought you might be interested.


OH! Also! This is my 100th post! Im very glad I spent on my partner-in-crime and one my best friends. We’re kind of stuck with each other since we’re family, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anyone else. Even if forever was stuck in a dark closet, I know we would have more fun than anyone else. Thank you for being personally responsible for almost half of my nicknames. Luh ewe!


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