New Best Ever: Tyler Knott

Hey y’all! I’m back from my recent sojourn. Hopefully, this is just a temporary break and I’ll be able to return to my beloved new home. It really grows on you! To hear about those adventures, just go to! It’ll tell you where I was, what I did, and why I’m back in the states so soon.

I miss Serbia.

My plans for the future are uncertain. But that doesn’t keep me back from loving life.

I spend most of my days reading. I read language textbooks, mystery, philosophy, essays, pinterest (that counts, right?), and study books. Exciting, right?

But wait! It gets better!

Just bear with me.

You know those moments when you find out everybody does that thing that only you thought you did? There’s something more special than that. The moment when you find out someone else thinks like you do.

Now I have an extremely interesting brain if I may say so myself. Since stuffing it with more and more languages (Not only did I learn Croatian, but Serbian as well.) I have found it more and more difficult to put my thoughts into comprehensible words. I think in concepts and ideas. Now you may be thinking “Hey! Me too!” Cool! We have a similar thought process. But that doesn’t mean we think understandme

I have met some people who have been able to understand how I think, but they still don’t think the same as me. They just understand me. These people are very dear to me. I can count them on one hand. These people are precious. That also makes them special.

Some of you may have experienced this before. Perhaps you’ve connected with an artist? I was never one of those little teenage girls whose thoughts and feelings where embodied in Taylor Swift music (admittedly, she is a very talented musician). You’ve heard it. You’ve maybe even said it. “Oh my gosh! This song is SO me!” “Holy cow! This artist knows what I’m feeling.” “This song describes it perfectly.” Maybe it wasn’t a song. Maybe it was a movie.

So imagine my surprise when I am looking at a new… I don’t know what to call him… “creative extraordinaire?” I am looking at some new poetry and low and behold, I am reading my own thoughts and feelings. AH! Creepy but also exhilarating. (My Taylor Swift-ers may know the feeling.)

Tyler Knott;
Tyler Knott

Check him out.

His name is Tyler Knott Gregson.

Aka Typewriter Series

He does everything. He’s a photographer, poet, an author, and an artist.

You might have seen some of his work floating around Pinterest. He’s most known for his Typewriter Series.

I may be bias just because I have finally found that there is someone else who thinks like I do. I love his photography, especially the ones that look like my homeland (I’m talking about the good ol’ west). They even helped me to feel reconnected and adjust back to American life. Weird, but there you go.

I wish could do justice in describing his work, but you’ll just have to discover it for yourself.

Check out his work here! This will also link you up with his twitter feed, Instagram, or whatever other medias you may favor.

Read it! Look at it! LOVE IT!

I promise you that you will find something in there for you.

Confession: I’m not much for romantic quotes. Sometime in the past 5 months I have developed the romantic interest of a 3 year old. Not kidding. Cooties? They’re real! Someone’s kissing on a movie? That’s me covering my face and possibly gagging. So if you’re not into the romantic stuff, that’s okay. Me neither. But I garentee that you will find something! And his romantic lyrics aren’t even that bad! You might even enjoy it. Maybe.

You can thank me later. Or now. You might not be so thankful when you find yourself addicted to Mr Gregson. I apologize in advance. But I am definitely not sorry.

Happy trails y’all!

Confession #2: He has a poem about clouds which I kid you not is a conversion I had with myself. Have you ever had a moment like that? “Oh! You wonder about that too? I thought I was the only one!”


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