They Just Can’t Get Enough: The Prank War Resumes

Remember the prank war that was started (and won by yours truly) last year? After a truce with the opposing apartment and the arrival of summer, things were put at a halt.

Even with the return of Fall and old friends, the pranks rested in peace. This is probably due to romance and tensions (because in all good stories, those go together). That is until…

San Diego, myself, and Master Goldie after our first attempt. Read on to find out the story.

BAM! Master Goldie yells from the kitchen! Someone had died her beverage of choice! (It was either orange juice or milk.I cannot recall.) And she knows exactly who did it. It was those terrible boys!

Apparently I was absent from a conversation our apartments had about pranks, and the boys struck a lot sooner then expected. Lucky for us, our new addition of Master Goldie means not only are we back in full blast, but back with a vengeance!

Instead of waiting, we retaliated immediately. After our religious meetings we sent a friend over to see if they were home. He reported that weren’t there. Master Goldie recruited me and San Diego to go with her. We knocked on their door again to make sure no one was home.

Now it was business time. In order to pull off our trick, we had to get inside their apartment. I’ve had experience with this so I began to lead this phase of the mission. Our windows have only a little part that slides open (It’s a little over half a foot wide.) Our objective was to pull this part out, take out the screen, and fit the smallest person through (It’s quite the sight to see a well grown man try to squeeze his way through).

While in the process of lifting the window pane up and out, the blinds began to draw up. Luckily I was standing to the side, so I was able to make my swift get away and laugh at Master Goldie who was situated right in front of the window. I guess the boys were expecting us. They sure got our hearts racing. I was able to play off like I was an onlooker. To add to our embarrassment, there were bystanders.

I soon left for dinner with the family and by the time I returned the deed was done (with the help of an inside man). What is it we did? If you look closely at the picture, you will notice their lock is backwards. This means anyone walking by can lock them into their own apartment. Well done Master Goldie. Well done.

Soon after that we sent the message home by covering their apartment windows, door, couch and microwave with newspaper. (It was about time we got rid of all that newspaper in our apartment).

It hasn’t even been a year yet since the first prank. May the odds be in our favor.



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