They Just Can’t Get Enough: The Prank War Resumes

Remember the prank war that was started (and won by yours truly) last year? After a truce with the opposing apartment and the arrival of summer, things were put at a halt.

Even with the return of Fall and old friends, the pranks rested in peace. This is probably due to romance and tensions (because in all good stories, those go together). That is until…

San Diego, myself, and Master Goldie after our first attempt. Read on to find out the story.

BAM! Master Goldie yells from the kitchen! Someone had died her beverage of choice! (It was either orange juice or milk.I cannot recall.) And she knows exactly who did it. It was those terrible boys!

Apparently I was absent from a conversation our apartments had about pranks, and the boys struck a lot sooner then expected. Lucky for us, our new addition of Master Goldie means not only are we back in full blast, but back with a vengeance!

Instead of waiting, we retaliated immediately. After our religious meetings we sent a friend over to see if they were home. He reported that weren’t there. Master Goldie recruited me and San Diego to go with her. We knocked on their door again to make sure no one was home.

Now it was business time. In order to pull off our trick, we had to get inside their apartment. I’ve had experience with this so I began to lead this phase of the mission. Our windows have only a little part that slides open (It’s a little over half a foot wide.) Our objective was to pull this part out, take out the screen, and fit the smallest person through (It’s quite the sight to see a well grown man try to squeeze his way through).

While in the process of lifting the window pane up and out, the blinds began to draw up. Luckily I was standing to the side, so I was able to make my swift get away and laugh at Master Goldie who was situated right in front of the window. I guess the boys were expecting us. They sure got our hearts racing. I was able to play off like I was an onlooker. To add to our embarrassment, there were bystanders.

I soon left for dinner with the family and by the time I returned the deed was done (with the help of an inside man). What is it we did? If you look closely at the picture, you will notice their lock is backwards. This means anyone walking by can lock them into their own apartment. Well done Master Goldie. Well done.

Soon after that we sent the message home by covering their apartment windows, door, couch and microwave with newspaper. (It was about time we got rid of all that newspaper in our apartment).

It hasn’t even been a year yet since the first prank. May the odds be in our favor.



Concerts and Libraries: The value of life education

Yes, I’ve been quite absent from this blog and I’m sorry. Hold fast folks! I already have a few more posts lined up. And one is very delicious. Oh!

But for this post I shall share a little insight, a little discovery, and a fun little story! So hold on tight!

Parachute, All-American Rejects, and Boys Like Girls

I finally went to another concert. Did you know it has been TWO WHOLE YEARS since my last concert? (I guess Neon Trees is just that good.) This last one was very well worth the wait. It probably helped that I was with my concert-going-buddy and partner in crime, Rachel! (Remember her?)

As with most adventures with Rachel, there were lessons that were learned. One of which, is the obvious value of education. Sounds boring, right? BUT WAIT! It’s actually interesting! It was especially obvious to see the difference between Parachute and All-American Rejects. Image

Parachute did a phenomenal job! They could possibly be my new band crush. Almost up there with One Republic (Sorry boys! You’ll just have to duke it out I guess). Because I’m a poor college student, I am currently listening to them on Spotify. Their music seems so well put together, there seems to be a certain eloquence to it. And they can actually sing!

Parachute is classy. (When I say someone is classy, that is a very high compliment.) The way they interacted with the fans, you would have thought we were all school chums. They obviously where having good fun. Which would make sense since they all went to college. I could just go on and on about my new love. You may know them from this song.


Then you had All-American Rejects. Uh… They were alright. Imagine the stereotypical punk rock show and you have it there. Nothing too spectacular or impressive. The lead singer and one of the guitarists was signed onto a record company when the lead singer was 16 and a junior in high school. And it shows. 

Don’t get me wrong! I do enjoy their music. That’s why I went. But it was obvious the difference a college education makes. Even a little bit. I graduated high school when I was a 16 year old junior in high. The brain grows and develops after you stop going to school. However, there is a distinct impression made from formal schooling. Weird, eh? 

It was also funny to see how the band and mostly Mormon fans interacted. It’s hard to explain, but fascinating to watch. If your a musician coming to Utah (Provo/Orem), you should do your homework. Most people remember this song from way back when.


Now that we’ve looked at how education leaves an impression on people (classy vs proud white-trash) Boys Like Girls comes in to shed a little light on the case. I absolutely loved them! These boys now how to rock. They just seemed to know what they were doing, everything flowed together splendidly, and the reason why I love concerts was tattooed onto my brain.

There’s just something about live music. When a band can really play, a singer can actually sing, and you can rock with them, you develop a new tie to music. Nothing can replace it. You just have to experience it. Just like life education. It doesn’t even have to be formal education, because we all know wisdom and understanding come from experience. The lighting and energy brought so much life to the concert! What if you could do that with the world? Just a thought.

So maybe I’ve been hitting the research article too hard. All in all, the concert was amazing! I can’t hear as well and I’ll probably have sings stuck in my head for the next month (I still have this song in my head from Boys Like Girls, along with so many of their other songs), but it was so worth it! Now for story time! I think this may have even been better then the last college concert I went to.

Story Time!

Will Anderson, Parachute’s lead singer, told a little story about visiting the universities library earlier that day and taking the last seat available, thus stealing it from another student. 

Today I was at the event center where the concert took place, and I thought Hey! Why not stop by the library too? This idea was encouraged by Rachel (who also has developed a band crush on Parachute). By using my built in greatness detector I tracked down where Will Anderson sat. I would then proceed to sit on whoever was sitting there and debate on whether or not to tell them why I was sitting on them. This is what would have happened if my common sense didn’t kick in and if I didn’t have close to run to. BUT BE WARNED library dwellers. When I become a rockstar… 

Be the life of the party!



All-American Rejects:!featured

Boys Like Girls: (They’re coming out with a new album soon! I can’t wait!)