The Most Unlikely of Friends from the Most Unlikely of Habits: The Beginning Ends Here

Where we are in the story: Apartment 10 has been thrown into a prank war with a certain apartment full of boys. All of it a mistake… or was it?

In an effort to take revenge on the “culprits”, Apartment 10 teamed up with their assailants. This new team would meet (usually Sunday nights) to plan their next moves. Well, that was the purpose anyways. These meetings would normally end up being full of jokes, laughter, the occasional pillow/balloon fight, and snappy one liners. Never had such an unproductive group gotten together. However, these meetings were not all in vain.

The two apartments became fast friends. They even started branching out from just hanging out during the meetings. A powerful friendship was being forged. However… there were still secrets being kept.

Until one day Aubrey (that’s me!) was over at the other apartment playing games and one of the other apartment’s allies accidentally slipped and gave up the game. Fortunately for him, Aubrey (me again) already knew. But now the other apartment knew that apartment 10 knew.

So we held another prank caucus.  That was a mistake… or was it?

They came clean about their deed. Stories were told and picture were seen. Videos were even watched. (None of which I have possession of right now.) Another secret was shared. We had been caught in the act. They video taped the popcorn prank THROUGH THE PEEP HOLE!  I guess that might count as a mistake on the part of apartment 10.

The pranks did not end with our confessional. In fact, when the other apartment got threatened by the previously framed apartment, Apartment 10 was there by their side! Dying all the milk obscenely bright colors!

Strange the way some bonds are made.

Did the pranks end there? Definitely not! Is that a mistake?… Maybe. But everything out has turned out pretty alright. Our heroes still face the world together. In fact! A relationship of the romantic kind came out of all of this. Provo is so weird.

Oh? What’s that? Is the prank war finally over? I think so.

Apartment 10 wins the war: The prank war finally ended with a mistake and a mad dash. (No pictures or videos! Sorry!)

The other apartment left their door unlocked after visiting Apartment 10. They even announced the fact that they were going to be gone for a while (“We are going to go hunt down some beef.”). Apartment 10 saw the opportunity and seized it. Long story short, the other apartment had to go for a week or two eating their meals with nothing but a couple spoons that were left in the sink. Funny part, they didn’t suspect apt 10.

The silverware was returned via fishing line. The reason why it took so long to return their silverware to them was because one of the guys wouldn’t go to sleep at night. Roommate Cousin and Aubrey spent the week sleeping on the couch, watching the lights in their apartment. Finally, the other apartment woke up to find their silverware dangling from the railing above. It actually looked really pretty! No pictures though.


One thought on “The Most Unlikely of Friends from the Most Unlikely of Habits: The Beginning Ends Here

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