The Most Unlikely of Friends from the Most Unlikely of Habits: Apartment 10 strikes back!

Where we left off: Apartment 10 had become the recipient of not one but two pranks. Apparently one wasn’t enough. Knowing revenge is best served cold, Apartment 10 waited too long after the first prank and ended up with a second prank. But this was a mistake on the perpetrators’ part. …Or was it?

Our little fairy spies caught the pranksters in action! (Good thing too because we would have never thought of them.) The heroes of Apartment 10 didn’t wait to long to strike back!


Our heroes started on their quest at 2:30 am. That was mistake! … Or was it? It took all night! They did not return to the homestead until about 4:30 or 5. Oh but they felt proud! They carried out their duty like pros! Except…


So we saran wrapped the door and filled the door way with popcorn. As light as popcorn is, it still has weight. More weight then saran wrap can handle.

The bottom gave way while Roommate Cousin was popping more popcorn and Roommate San Diego had gone to get help from Roommate Cousin. I was the one left trying to keep up the popcorn as it fell upon me. I imagine it looked a little like something out of a cartoon. So we cut up the Box of Fun (rest in peace!) and used it to re-enforce the popcorn.

Roommate Cousin and Roommate San Diego

Roommate San Diego and I worked like the dickens to refill the doorway. We added the Box of Fun’s magical packing peanuts to add luck and make it so they couldn’t just eat the popcorn (poor fellas).

For added measure we added a sign that said “Good to see you again, too!” With the phone number of a ward leader.


Mission accomplished.

The next day was Saturday. It was lovely and overcast with rain. One of those kinds of days when you stay inside and get fat with those that you love. Love and good vibes filled the air and to add to the mood some gooey caramel popcorn was made. 

As we all laughed and enjoyed the evening, one of the villains walked in. Ironic that we would be eating popcorn at that point. We knew he pranked us. He acted as if he didn’t know it was us that pranked him. We “agreed” that whoever pranked us must have pranked him. We discussed the possibilities and decided to hold a meeting later to figure out future actions. That was a mistake…

…Or was it?

To be continued! Again!


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