The Most Unlikely of Friends from the Most Unlikely of Habits

This is going to be a little long, but bare with me. You’ll like it.

The basics. I live in Provo, Utah and I’m a member of the dominate religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or more commonly known as the Mormon church. On Sundays, we meet in groups decided from geographical areas. These groups are called wards and my ward consists of the majority of my apartment complex. One of the main focuses of the church is unity. Unity of community, etc.

With this set-up, it’s really easy to make good friends, but with 30-something apartments and about 6 people per apartment it’s really hard to know everybody. You know how it is.

So what has been happening these last few months I would have never guessed last semester.

It all started Halloween night… (You know a story is good if it begins like that, eh.)

My roommates and I had gone to a Stake dance (a stake is a big group of wards). We left our door unlocked because one of our roommates left and we didn’t know if she would be coming back. We did know that she did not have her keys and that we would not have our phones. Big mistake. Or was it?

We came home to this..

A bunch of cups covering our kitchen floor. Yes. They are filled with water. Yes. They are stapled together. And yes. Those are brownies. There were actually two cases of them. We decided to systematically take the cups apart (later we found out we pretty much did the reverse of the original operation). 

We had an idea of who it may have been but we still weren’t sure.

Some evidence left behind.

We thought it was a friend of ours but it turned out to not be him. We were kind of at a lost but decided on an apartment to prank back. Our plan was to wait a while. Revenge is best served cold after all. But that was a mistake. Or was it?

We waited too long. On the morning of MLK Day, Roomie Roommate got up to go running. She opened the door to find a surprise.

Picture of the knocked down snow in the wee hours of the morning.

The entire door jam was filled with snow, from top to bottom. Funny thing is, there was no snow nearby. Someone went through a lot of trouble for this trick. Roomie Roommate was nice enough to wake everyone up to show them before she knocked it down to get through. 

There was also a cup stapled to the door frame that said, “Nice to see you again.” and it had the phone number of one of friends. The same one who was framed before.

It was a mistake to prank apartment 10. Or was it?

You’re just going to have to wait to find out.



Starting Life on Your Own Terms

I am ecstatic (Yes, I’m that excited) to share a message that I find to be like the beginners guide to starting anew. If you are looking to make an improvement in your life, start here. Melanie, my new friend who is a contributor to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog, breaks down goal setting to make it easy even for slackers like me. So whether you are a seasoned goal setter or you have never followed through on anything in your life, please take a few moments and see what Melanie has to say. Thank you so much!

"Anything can happen if you let it." -Mary Poppins


It’s hard to believe that such a short word can encompass so much meaning. Take a second and think about it for a minute, sure we haven’t always gotten to live our life on our terms, but it’s still our life.

Many are diagnosed with illnesses everyday. From chronic illnesses like arthritis to terminal illnesses like mesothelioma–any prognosis affects the course of ones quality of life. What if you were diagnosed with any disease and the outlook wasn’t so good. Would you feel like you lived your life?

While on a path to recovery, some of the most therapeutic ways patients have of dealing with things is through expressive writing. This can include writing out their emotions, their thoughts, and their goals to help relieve psychological stress that can be caused by their ailments.

This post isn’t just about having an illness though, whether you have one or not should never be a motivation to better the quality of your life on your terms. And if you’re 20 or 60, it’s never too late to do the things that you want to do.  Sure, life has offered its challenges and interrupted things at times for all of us, but it doesn’t mean that we still can’t grab ahold of the reigns and steer it in the direction we want it to go to accomplish any goals.

The first step to this is to put down your wants, your thoughts, what you want to accomplish down in a word form. It can be in a journal, on your computer, or even blogging about it for the whole world to see. Just do it so that you can visualize it, that there is a reminder for you every time you look at your goals and desires.

Putting your desires and goals down on to paper is the first step to overcoming mental obstacles and will inspire self-motivation as it makes these ideas seem more realistic. Having a constant reminder will help you get through and motivate you down a path of fulfilling these goals. Uplift yourself.

Now that the list is done, look them over. Sure some may be out of reach right now, so start with the more obtainable ones, ones you never had the time to do. What about the ones that you were perhaps too fearful to do like skydiving or bungee jumping—write about it. By just accomplishing one small goal, it will help you get over that hump leading you to accomplish much larger scale goals.

Once that first goal is complete, things will be so much easier and then you can start working on your other goals as well. If the first one was easy, the rest can’t be that hard, can they?

The most important thing to remember is that life is what you make of it; it is never too late to start your life on your own terms.