No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Sometimes, The strangest things will work out for the strangest cause.

 And I mean it. Last week, a very interesting string of events happened. 

It all started with a good deed. My apartment made some bread to cheer up a friend. Harmless enough, right? Unfortunately (or was it unfortunate?) no one was home when we took the bread over. For some reason, the lights were on and the door was unlocked. Obviously this bread it’s recipient were meant to be together! So we continued to place the bread in the kitchen. But then…

Hey! This was very good bread! It would stop a raging llama dead in its track and shift its paradigm to dancing on rainbows. So why didn’t we just leave the bread with a nice note? What would cause so much trouble? Two words. Couch cushions.

I kid you not my fine reader. Before leaving, someone (Everybody involved in this story will be referred to as someone as to retain some level of secrecy) got the brilliant idea to steal the couch cushions. This wouldn’t be the first attempt. We were going to do it a few months ago, but the opportunity was snatched up before we could get into action. Now here was another opportunity, more solid than the last. Dang it, we weren’t going to let this one pass us up. The fates obviously orchestrated this moment. Little did we now what else the fates had in mind…

Later that night, our friend came into my apartment. He thanked us for the bread. Then, with a slightly sheepish look (and dare I say a hint of a smile), he asked if we had seen his couch cushions anywhere. Pffffffffffffffffffft! My roommates are not very good at lying, but apparently they’re good enough. Thank goodness we’re already a very giggly bunch! Our friend seemed to have taken the bait and moved on…

BUT THEN! We ran into him the next day. Roommate Cousin and I were taking some cinnamon rolls upstairs to the lounge when our friend and his roommate blocked our path in a hallway. No escape! What’s worse, Roommate Cousin is a terrible liar when asked directly. And the boys blocking our path know that. I pulled Roommate Cousin out of there as quickly as possible.

There’s a certain satisfaction in helping another person. Especially when they don’t know you’re helping them. It’s when your teaching a child and they don’t they’re being taught or you play with them to get their mind off their parents. Just like that child you play with, however, you sometimes put yourself through exercises of patience and tolerance.

I was already running back to my apartment when I went through the hallway I was previously stopped in. Someone who was there when during the exchange with the boys was still sitting there. “I would be worried about my couch cushions if I was you.” I ran even faster, only to be blocked by our friend. His roommate had couch cushions in hand and was leaving. Gosh darn it. “You won’t get your cushions back until you figure out who took ours.” Darn.

It didn’t end there. We weren’t the only ones to get hit. They stole our next door neighbors couch cushions too. Seems like they narrowed down the suspects and took revenge on all the possibilities. Smart. While Roommate Cousin and I were out for dinner, we were notified that yet another cushion had been snatched and some of our balloons (from a previous birthday adventure) had been murdered. The horror!

But we met our goal. We cheered up our friend, even if but for a second. The things we do for our friends.

How did this story end, you ask? I write this to you from a couch with cushions that don’t quite match the other couch…


One thought on “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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