Within the “Fort Night”

Admit it. You’re a fan. You love blanket forts. Even if your claustrophobic like myself, there’s some kind of magical appeal. Even when you’re “old” and have children or even grandchildren of your own, forts are da bomb! Even you, you dignified and well-bred person who somehow happened to stumble upon my blog!

That is why I am going to share how my PIC -partner in crime-  developed a complex-wide renowned fort. It’s super simple and easy and only took two of us! I mean, let’s face it. One of the best parts of blanket tents is the simplicity.

What do you need?:

  • two couches (sizes may vary)
  • two mattresses
  • sheets (I think we only used 3. You can never have too many!)
  • chairs
  • lamp/s (For lighting and also for structural purposes)
  • blankets and pillows!
  • positive attitude and creative ingenuity Remember: Forts are not to be taken seriously. Have fun with this!

    This picture doesn't do justice, but you get the idea.

How did we do it?:

We stole the cushions off of our couches and turned them so the backs faced each other. Then we grabbed our mattresses off of our beds (our sheets had previously been stripped except the mattress cover which we kept on) and leaned them against each other for support on top of the couches to create a tent-like effect. To extend the length of the tent, we placed a long lamp a few feet away and draped a sheet from the top of the mattresses to over the lamp then extended to over the back of chairs. The rest you can probably figure out from the pictures. After you make the external of the fort, you through the remaining sheets, blankets, and pillows into the fort!

What did we do?:

This is one of the angles from the inside. Also doesn't do justice. We had a couple compartment or branches to chill in.

We celebrated our accomplishment with the rest of the roomies by having a pancake party inside! We spent the day inside watching episodes of Dorm Life (My roommates became hooked like harlots on cocaine). We would have spent all day in there but we had to go to a broadcast for women in the area. When we got back, people were coming from everywhere to see our “epic” fort and we had an ice cream party! (I went on a date as well which I give all credit to the fort) When it was time for bed, did we take down the fort? H to the no! My PIC and I slept in there. Our mattresses where being used anyways so why not? It was a blast!

Although this happened a month or two ago (like my third weekend here), we all hold fond memories of the fort and people still ask us if we were “that one apartment with the awesome fort”. Yes. We are quite awesome. Think you can do better? Take pictures, blog about it, comment, or whatever your preferred transfer of information is and share!


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