The Aggressive Passive: Killing them with kindness

Once upon a time, I took a phenomenal Public Speaking class from a life coach (if you need to take Public Speaking at UVU, take it from Life Coach Litchford!). Our textbook for the class was Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by the legendary Dale Carnegie. It was a very interesting read and my life coach recommended that I read his more popular book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I don’t read every book recommended to me.

My Personal Rule to Choosing Which Books to Read:  There are many books out there and many avid book readers. My mom devours book like a Caterpillar chews through leaves. I’ve always read books meant for people more along in life then me, something I probably inherited from my mom. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had to find a book for an English assignment. A friend of the family was telling my mom about a book she recently read, one I’ve been noticing in other people’s houses. The lady then recommended that I should read it. So my mom went out and bought it for me and I read it in three days. It was a bad experience. It was a little graphic and gave me nightmares for a month. So now I have a rule. At least THREE people (whom I trust) must give me a GOOD recommendation for the same book.

At least 5 people recommended How to Make Friends and Influence People. So I’m reading it. Now that’s out of the way, I am indeed reading it and enjoying it. I will for sure blog about it more in the future.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m having a little human relation problem which had me in a twizzle for a moment. I WILL NOT HAVE IT! Although my solution to the problem isn’t found directly in the book, it did give me an idea…

I’m going to be SO nice to this person! They won’t know what hit them. 🙂 mwahahaha I’m so devious and malicious it’s hilarious! (I may or may not have just scared my roommate into hiding behind the coach.) I will let you know how it goes. I’m so excited to be nice to this person!

things to remember:

  • Don’t guilt trip the person
  • Don’t be needy. It’s just gross and embarrassing for everyone involved.
  • Imagine yourself in the other persons situation
  • You are a mature adult. Not an emotional junior high school student.
  • Act natural. Be yourself. This will only work if it’s done in sincerity and if it’s genuine. If you put your heart into it, it will work.
  • The single most human hunger is the craving to be important. Let this person be important.
  • If your wrong, fess up to it. Just pull up your pants and do it! It helps to beat the other person to the punch. It’s fun too! (The last two are from the book)
  • Hold through it. Is the person worth it? What do you hope to accomplish?

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