“We will step in, step in just in time.”

This marks my 75th post! To celebrate I’m going to share something special with you.

Let’s get real for a moment…

For those of you who have checked out my other blog, you know I recently saw Mary Poppins. For those of you that have read this blog in the past, you know I am involved with a student leadership program called HOBY. As a summary, HOBY has been a large factor in my life. I have learned much more then just leadership lessons there. There was one person in particular that I learned a lot from. I call him Clinny.

I was the staff liaison for the group he was junior staff-ing. Needless to say, we became really good friends. I love this kid to death! I believe this kid can single-handedly restore faith in man kind. Let’s go back to HOBY, shall we? I was happy with my life. It was going pretty swell. I had amazing friends, I was done with finals, I was living the college life and then some! However, I was cynical. To give a little idea of my mentality I believed that perfection was impossible, friends don’t last very long, loving your friends was superficial, and so on. I wasn’t a pessimist, just a realist. I was excited to see my friends again and to hear the leadership lessons once again. Funny how full of surprises life is.

Last night of HOBY
Clinny (how everyone describes him): Classy, funny, compassionate, cool, musically gifted, friendly, sincere, generous, real, the one on the right.

Besides having my HOBY fix, I was living life as usual. Laughing as I do. Smiling as I do. Working as I do. Playing as I do. Living as I do. But little things would happen to rock my world. Like the trust walk for example. We did our trust walk a little differently than most . We blinded the ambassadors (sophomores) and Andy (the trusty counselor and also a good friend of mine) tied a string around them. He would whistle and everyone had to follow him. Even though this was great experience for the ambassadors, it was also great for me. The trust walk is done at night, and for those of you who have been in a canyon at night, you know it can get pretty cold. Luckily I have blessing of having a high body temperature and therefore, I was okay. (Hot people are normally fine.) Clinny had a fuzzy blue blanket and a box of cookies (like the cookie monster). When asked if I was cold I responded that I was fine, which is the truth. Normally when I argue that I’m alright I win in the end. I loss this time. He didn’t pressure me he just took the blanket and put it over my head and gave me the cookies to hold. This simple act says a lot. I was okay, just like I was before HOBY. I didn’t need anything. That night I learned a lot about compassion and love. (more on that later.)

Instead of making things difficult and drawn out, he did. I’m sure Clinny has no idea the effect he had. He’s cool like that. I think a lot of the time we spend so much time making a big deal of service and how helping someone else has to be difficult task that it loses a lot of it’s potential. Instead of asking what needs to be done, just look around and do it! (A word of caution: Please make sure you know what your are doing. We don’t want to be counter productive now do we?) Learning that people could step out of the norm rocked my world! I use to think there was some sort of ceiling as to the max a person could do.

I also mentioned Love. Now I know this can become a deep topic but I’m just going to put it as simple as possible. Love is universal. My mom taught me this when I was younger. She tells me it all the time. What I didn’t know is how universal love is. Remember in preschool there were only 3 emotions? Happy, sad and angry? As we grew we learned that emotions are very complicated? Love is like that too. It use to be that there was 3 loves: family, romance, and objects. (Friends: Let’s be honest. We always end up referring to each other as family anyways.Therefore you fit into the family category.) Guess what! It’s more complex then that! But it really isn’t that complicated. I love my roommates in a way that only applies to them. I love Andy the counselor in a way that only applies to him. I love my friends in a way that only applies to them individually. Get it? So instead of saying “I love Tati like a sister.” I now say “I love Jerry like a Jerry.” If you don’t understand now, you will in the future. Relationships can be undefinable.

What does this have to do with Mary Poppins? In the Broadway version, Step in Time (as explained at the beginning of the video) is about how there will always be people to step in just in time. I remember sitting in the theater thinking “Gee, I wish I had dancing chimney sweeps to look after me.” But before I could even finish that thought I remembered how incredibly blessed I am. I already have my own sparkly-happy-good-luck-giving-cleaner-uppers. The don’t need a reason or rhyme. They’re just there. Clinny was my first example of this and there have been many since him. People who happen to teach me what I need to know to make my life better. To open my heart and mind. There will always be someone there for me. I am so grateful for the people in my life. My sister, my roommates, my parents, my brothers, my friends – including those who have gone ahead to the round-up in the sky. People surprise me with how much good man is capable of. Have there been any examples of this in your life? Has there been someone who has changed the way you look at the world? Is there anyone who has stepped into your life a step in time? Comment below and share! And please don’t forget to thank them.

Clinny plays the saxophone in a hip-hop group. Check them out!

Shout out to the HOBY alumni I recently saw at my school! I love you all!

aubz out.


One thought on ““We will step in, step in just in time.”

  1. Aub, you’re a genius! I love how you used the ‘step in time.’ That’s a really creative play on words. To answer your questions, there have been many people who have stepped into my life a step in time, but one of the most fresh on my mind is your mom. This is probably because she has recently left our department and I miss her like crazy. I’m sure you know what an awesome woman your mom is, but I want to share how awesome she is to me personally. Your mom has such an amazing outlook on life and she always reminded us here that it’s all about your perspective. Whenever I was down or had a problem or was frustrated – or anything beside happy, for that matter – she took me into her office and spoke WISE words. I’m sure you’ve experienced this, but I could always count on her to give me an honest, wise opinion and to help me think things through and from other angles. She taught me the power of my ‘other hand’ and she helped me broaden my view, which has in turn made it easier for me to handle anything that comes my way. So this is my THANK YOU, WENDY! You’re mom is really an amazing woman.

    p.s. You’re right about the preschool 3 emotions and 3 loves – love that you brought that up. Oh yeah, and I love you like an Aubrey! 😉

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