If You Don’t Have The Christmas Spirit, It Will Come To You

There’s only 149 days until Christmas! Who’s excited? Most of us have ingrained in our brains that Christmas is not about the presents. In fact, we are encouraged to keep the Holiday Spirit all year round. This isn’t easy. I don’t think there is anything that is done all year round. Even with breathing, you hold your breath, you choke, or sometimes something (or someone) will cause you to lose your breath. Some argue that our brains function all year round. To you,I say spend a day with me and you will soon know the truth.

Did you know it once snowed 6.8 inches of snow in July?

Why bring Christmas up in July? I feel like sharing a fun activity with you. It’s called…. CHRISTMAS-ING!!!

How did Christmas-ing come to be? Local. Radio. There are some stations that start to play Christmas music the week before Halloween.  Sometime in Fall 2010, a friend, her brother, and I were out late one Sunday. The radio program that we had listened to on the way to whatever event we were at had changed to Christmas music.

You'd think that Christmas-ing annoys people, but it doesn't! Sometimes they even love it.

How to go Christmas-ing:  At night, get a group of friends in the same car. Drive around your college campus housing (really you can do it anywhere, college housing works the best). Blast Christmas music as loud as you can. If there are no Christmas songs on the radio then use an iPod or CD. Simple as that. MIX IT UP: Sing along however you like! Designate a “Christmas-er”. The “Christmas-er” shouts holiday messages at students who are still outside their apartments. CHRISTMAS-ING CANNOT BE DONE IN DECEMBER. Once done in December, it’s no longer Christmas-ing. January is off-limits too. Please people, some of us need time to recuperate, even from Christmas music.

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE! Look! Look! I’m cool enough to be re-blogged! Check them out.

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