Even I Have an Inner Child Which Means You Have One Too

(To the tune of the Piano Man):

It’s 2 am on a Friday

I’m still doing homework

I’d be okay if I was playing,

Last I checked it was summer.

la da daa da de daaa   la da da de duuuum

(chorus) This proves I have more endurance than Superman!

Although I’ll regret it tomorrow.

It’s summer and I’m young and alive; I shouldn’t be left one my own.

la la la da de daaa la da da de duuum

There’s more to the song but I decided to spare you from getting the tune stuck in your head (if it hasn’t happened already). Gotta love me some east coast Billy Joel. Don’t worry! This does have point. Kind of.

The kind people of WordPress suggested I focus my blog to a theme, Honestly, what do I have enough expertise and resource to blog about? Then it came to me! I’m wonderfully vanilla and yet my life keeps my suppressed adventurous side satisfied! In case you need that simplified for you; My life is amazing. It keeps me amused. So I’m going to share ways to keep life exciting. I’ve already started on this theme (didn’t you notice?) and I’d like your help (yes YOU!). I’d love to hear your opinions. I WANT FEEDBACK! (I know you’re reading this.)


Do you remember playing in ball pits as a little child? Did you ever cover yourself with said balls until you were sure you were either invisible or just genius at hiding? I sure did! My recent journeys through life (recent being the last two weeks)  have proven that there is such a thing as an inner child – mine was drowning in a foam pit. Now it just jumps in and out. Believe it or not, this child is very important. Holistic’s a blast. You should look into it.

So what brings this up and what does this have to do with Billy Joel? Hold on, I’m getting there. I grew up on my mom’s music. What I didn’t know until not too long ago is that she pretty much grew up on the same music. Now think… Can you remember what you listened to as a child? I thought I did, but I was wrong.

I walked into my parents kitchen  only to hear an oh so familiar voice. Like a blast it hit me in my face! My mom bought Burl Ives from iTunes! I grew up with Burl Ives! Although most of this generation knows him for his Christmas songs, I obsessed over his children’s album!

You bet my children will be raised on this.

If you want an adventure, check out the music you use to listen to as a wee lil’ youngin’. Go on. Do it. It’s fun! Staying on the example of Burl; I am surprised I didn’t constantly have nightmares as a kid. Almost all the rhymes he sings has some graphic ending to the main character or some sad ending. At first, I was shocked to hear what never registered to my young tiny brain, but now I find it quite funny. Sadistic? Maybe.

Listening to these old songs can also hold other hidden treasures. There’s one song in particular that I LOVE! It’s called The Donut Song (that’s how it’s spelt). It has a lovely meaning in it. the chorus goes:

If you walk the streets you’ll have no cares if you walk the lines and not the squares. As you go through life make this your goal: Watch the doughnut, not the hole.

Burl Ives - He's a happy man

If you can’t figure out the meaning, the first part is talking about taking things little by little and not getting overwhelmed by everything (the lines and not the squares). The second part is about focusing on what you have and not what you don’t have (watch the doughnut NOT the hole). Burl. Ives. Is. Genius!

My mom was genius to let me run that tape to death! I think it makes up for raising me on Steve Miller Band and having books like The Cat Who Drank Too Much. I turned out just great!

… other than maybe the fact that I’m an adult who find joy in listening to children’s music.

Try this trick and let me know how it goes for you.

Good luck!

P.S. What does Piano Man have to do with this? I was raised on his music too.


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