“Welcome to Manhood!”

I did nothing to celebrate my birthday. Have I mentioned that my brother is getting married? I’m going to have a new sister-in-law by tomorrow night. So this week (minus the Fabulous Fourth of July) has been dedicated to getting things ready. That’s okay with me though. I’ve never been much for celebrating my birthday and this just made it easier to have an excuse.

"WELCOME TO MANHOOD" This week I was also mistaken as my brother at a family gathering. I promise, I am a girl.

I did, however, have an enjoyable day. I have a problem. Some of you may know about it. I need nothing short of somebody telling me that we are friends for me to recognize such. Until you say “Ichigo, we are good friends.” you are considered an acquaintance. It’s a problem that I didn’t know about until a month ago. We’re working on it.

Because of the Fifth of July, the two previous outlooks have indeed shifted! I now see birthdays as a yearly day when friends come out of their cracks and say “Hey! We’re friends!” My day was nothing out of the ordinary other than the constant reminder of the unbeatable overall AMAZINGness of my friends!! According to Patch Adams “A friends is the person who dances around in your mind.” Birthdays say “There’s a dance party in my head and it’s inside your head too!” Thank you everyone for the surprising numbers of text messages, phone calls, and facebook messages!! You made my ordinary birthday special on an ordinary day. How do you do it??

Props to Gillette for the fantastic surprise! Peter made a close second with a letter from Japan.

Happy First Week of July!!!

Letter from Japan!
See the brown envelope? That's from Japan. See the big chicken that's hiding from the thunderstorm? That's actually my brother's dog.

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