>Two Worlds, One Life


There are two worlds: the world we can measure with line and rule, and the world that we feel with our hearts and imagination.

~Leigh Hunt~

What happens when you have two separate identities for two different worlds and those two worlds meet up?

According to my Interpersonal Communications text book, it’s absolute chaos. Super stressful chaos. My entire life, I have heard of examples where something like this happens and the effected individual tends to have a mental break down of sorts. In summary, it’s never good.
But lo! There is such a thing as HOBY magic! Now listen children…

Remember the story about the dance? I forgot to mention my friends DJed it. They’re pretty boss at it too! During dinner I was outside with the staff and DJ Thumpa (Or DJ Danny as some people call him) swagged his onto the HOBY scene. I’ve known this guy since high school and thus he was one part of “another world”. This wasn’t that big of a deal though. He’s been there every year I have been so I was expecting this, and I don’t see him that much anyways. No biggy.
Fast forward to Saturday, the last day of HOBY. Some emotions are already raising. Also the day of the college fair. After doing a final cabin check (and the appearance of Mr SUU), I entered the main lodge to find that some of the college reps were there. I looked around to see if I could see UVU. No dice. So I keep walking to join the admirable and winsome Brown Crew. For some reason that I am unaware of, I took on last look around and that’s when I saw my buddy from UVU’s Prospective Student department! I may have been a little louder than usual, because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, stopped talking to watch me hug my friend.

This second encounter was a little different from the first. It was unexpected, and from a current life that I am still a part of. It’s still going to take a little more to phase me. having my two worlds meet for a few moments didn’t send my spiraling into an identity crisis. In fact, it probably helped.
You know when your mixing something in a hot pot and you want to add eggs? If you put the eggs straight in, they’ll cook too quickly and you’ll have scrambled eggs with whatever you were mixing. You have to do something called tempering. You take a little of the hot mixture and add it to the eggs to slowly bring them to temperature, then finally you mix everything together.

This is what happened when my two worlds collided. Now, it’s easier to keep a little more of HOBY in my life. Love it or leave it. Hey UVU, you better get use to it.

Happy trails


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