>HOBY 2011


“Service is a lifestyle” -Mike Anderson

Another HOBY conference has come and pass. The only way I could describe this year’s experience would have to be… interesting. Every year is special and unique. That is why, unlike last year, I will actually blog about part of my experience.
Evey year I learn something new at HOBY and every year I am reminded of things I should be doing. Such an example would be goals. To start off, I am setting a goal to blog a little bit about HOBY as often as possible. Wait! I don’t think that’s specific enough. I will blog at least once every three days. With spring semester and work, I have nothing else to blog about.
HOWEVER! I will be posting my experiences in my own way. I am blogging about lessons I learned and impressions I took from HOBY. And of course, there will be pictures.
Until next time. Happy trails!

(P.S. Yes, that is me laying in the front. This picture was chosen because it was everyone from HOBY and because the “funny” picture would be too revealing of my experience. We don’t want to jump ahead.)

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