>My Bad = Your Entertainment

>Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I was on bed rest for 3 weeks…. I had pneumonia. But that’s a story for another day!
While I was sick I had a lot of time to think. (Obviously) One of the thoughts that came to mind is how today’s movies are all focused on someone’s mistake. All movies. Do we really enjoy watching other people mess up their lives or do we just lack creativity? Or is it both? Someday I shall write a movie that is not about someone making a mistake or causing trouble. Yes, there are a few exceptions like… I can’t think of any. I know you think that we need it for storyline and conflict and all that jazz but look at Beauty and the Beast! Maybe not the best example but there are some dang good old fashion movies. (I was wondering why I enjoy them so much.) Not that any of this is vital to your being, but it’s nice to get the idea and realization out there. Sorry, if from now on you can’t enjoy a movie because you realize it’s just the same story over and over again. I still enjoy movies but of course I’m the kind of girl who does brand work then goes home to eat some steak.
Speaking of movies, here’s a short film I find very funny. I watched it a lot when I was sick and I hope you’ll appreciate it. It’s called the Lady and the Ripper and was nominated for an Oscar. My advice is to watch it twice. (For those of you who know my cousin Rachel Anderson, the old lady reminds me of her… can’t imagine why.)