>Blue Lips, Pie, and Beer


I had a fun time getting to know my Uncle Will this past week. It kind of became a war of West vs East Coast. West so won, and Will knows it. Yesterday, we (Will, my mom, Peter, and I) went to go to the candy factory. It doesn’t exist anymore. At least they don’t do the tours. They still have a store where we bought some candy, thus the blue lips. I got a nice BIG blue jaw breaker. my lips were bluer then in the picture above. Moral of the story is get white jaw breakers instead of blue.
The Candy Factory wasn’t the first let down. We went to see the Heber Creeper when Will first came out. That has been gone since before I was born. I still got a post card from the gift shop they have there. I’m going to mail it to my penpal once I can find the stamps to do so.

Now I know you all want to know about my Wyoming trip. All I really did was raft. I fell out 3 times. The first time was on Friday. I fell off on Lunch Counter and that was pretty traumatic. I still have moments at night wen I think I’m still in the water. I don’t know what made it so different from the rest or why I was not able to keep my head up or get a good breathe of air. I did not however panic. That would have been bad. I knew I was going to get out so I still can’t figure out what was so bad it. Could it be I fell off at the very beginning? Could it be that I went under a few times? I don’t know. It could have been a number of things. I was crazy enough to do it again. So if you fall out, keep your head above water, put your feet infront of you, put your oar in the raft (I was too far away the first time and also that was the only thing someone in the raft could reach. I was holding on to the oar for my dear life), and most importantly do not panic. I’m glad I had the experience, but I don’t want it to happen again. I now know I do NOT want to die by drowning. The last two were on the same trip on Saturday. The weren’t bad at all. I fell of on Big Kahuna and on Lunch Counter (again). I was able to just float on through both of them. this other girl fell off three times too. She fell of Luch Counter (at the end after me) and some little rapids toward on the same run. She also fell off of Big Kahuna with me on the second day.
I did all four runs. First day was freezing cold but I loved it (I had a wet suit). The first run I was in a raft with a hole on the bottom so we did alot of bailing. We had two rafts on that run. The second was an adventure. It rained, I proved to everyone that I wasn’t crazy and that I did infact see a badger, and that’s also when I fell off. There was only one raft on that run. We also played with alot of the commercial rafts and the guides on them. You never know what friends you might make.
Second day: It was HOT! But the water was still ice cold. The first run I was on the white raft (the good one)and we had a bunch of little kids. It was pretty uneventful. Second run we went down to one raft and 3 kiyaks. I was in the raft. This is when I fell off the 2nd and 3rd time. We also made friends with people in a white raft. There was a bouy aout my age that always waved at me so I would always wave to him. It was a fun run.
So that’s it! Oh? What’s that? You want to know about the pie and beer? Okay. If you’ve made it this far you deserve it. On our way up to Thayne (where we stayed at a cabin) we stopped in Evantson to eat. Some one in line was complaining about how busy it was going to be because of all the Utahns coming up. *cough cough* I love the fact that I am a Utahn. After one of my brothers indicated that we are Utahns the guy kinda looked at us in disgust. A manger from behind the counter joined in the conversation. “Oh ya1 Isn’t it a holiday for you you?” Ya. “Isn’t it your Pioneer day?” Then some guy who was *ahem* along in years and obviously hard of hearing in the back of the line totally made my day. “Pie and beer day?” Here’s to you old man! Hope you had a good Pie and Beer day!

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