>Cookie Day!


“As soon as you learn to trust yourself you will know how to live.”
-I can’t remember who
I know that quote is completely irrelevant (Yes, I used the word irrelevant) to the rest of the post but I like it. So there.
I spent all morning and into the afternoon slaving on these cookies. And you know what? They actually turned out good! (As you will see later) Like really good. Chocolate chip cookies all the way baby! So how do you make these really good cookies? I’ll tell you!
1 cup sugar 3 cups flour
1 cup brown sugar 12 ounces Chocolate chips (who am I kidding? Add as many as
2 eggs you want)
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla Lots of love
1 teaspoon baking soda Ryan Shupe and The Rubberband (music)
1 teaspoon salt
Mix butter, sugars (make sure you mix those together first), eggs, and vanilla. Then stir in everything else except the chocolate chips. When that’s all stired in then you can stir in the chips.
Bake oven at 375f for 10- 12 minutes. (10 worked pretty well for me) Then voila!
Reminder: Don’t forget to dance while you cook and while you wait for the cookies to bake!
My “co-chiefs” Ginger and Franklin. They gave me moral support from afar. (after this picture they left me for there bones) I love how Franklin would react to the clicky noise that the camera would make. So cute!

Of course, your’s truly took the on the role of head chief. It’s a job someone has to do.

It’s a small sacrifice for cookies. I still don’t know why my lips and tongue look purple.

I”M GONNA EATCHU COOKIES!!! The cookies took a lomg time to bake.

I just had to take advantage of the lighting. There were alot of batches to bake.

I think this one just looks interesting. I’m glad I was the only one home. It’s one of those things that just shouldn’t be seen. (Who you really are is you are when no one else is around.) These pictures are just a glimpse. Sadly.

I made about 85 cookies. Not all of them made it to the end but they are in a happier place now. And they made room for other cookies on the cooling racks.

Don’t they look SOOOO GOOOD! I know you want one.
Sadly, soon after I got a picture from one Ashley Harmon of some cookies with a subtext telling me her mom made some cookies too. Geez, I’m always getting topped…


2 thoughts on “>Cookie Day!

  1. >You obviously have WAY too much time on your hands and should come help your poor older sister clean her house and take care of children… and please bring those cookies- they look very good =)

  2. >I want some!!! I was sad when I came home and there weren't any in my kitchen. :(And just because my mom made cookies doesn't mean yours weren't good. 😀 It was just fun timing! Hope there are still some left…

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