>My Friend Powdered Sugar


This morning I decided I wanted to make some lemon bars. Alot of work and love was put into them so of course they should taste good. But they don’t! So the lesson in that story is to make sure the=at your lemon peel stuff is not 4 years out if date.
But it was not a total loss. I have learned a few things about myself. I am very much like powdered sugar. How? Well I’ll tell you.
Both of us can’t help but to make a mess.
We tend to stick to people and some people we stick to more then others. (And generally they don’t want us to stick them)
When trying to get rid of us we can become worse. (It made my hands sticky when I tried to clean it off.)
We are not what we seem. (It’s commonly mistaken for flour.)
We are both white. (but in diffrent senses)
We both can blow up in your face. (But I don’t do it as often as powdered sugar)
You always get more then you want.
We’re determined. ( we’ll stick till the bitter end)
Well there are some just to name a few.

One thought on “>My Friend Powdered Sugar

  1. >Ooh, lovely analogy, Aub. 🙂 You should share this with Elder Farnsie. He'd love it. 😉 (He was ALWAYS making analogies to convey what he was trying to say to me. Pretty smart, if you think about it. It put us both on the same level of understanding rather quickly.) Ah, and you forgot one more thing… You and powdered sugar are both sweet and make things even better! 😉

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